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Random Thought #29 – Transparency

When I first started out in business I was very secretive to my employees about what was really happening in the business. Of course this created many problems. I worked for years trying to solve the same problems over and over again not realizing there was a simple solution.

As years went by I began to realize that the answer was simply being transparent about everything that was happening in the business, whether good or bad. As I started letting the employees know what was going on many things happened.

The most important was that the employees felt needed, which in fact they were. The work production increased dramatically. People were much happier. When things weren’t going well they came up with solutions. The business I was in at the time became much more successful.

Transparency creates Openness, Communication and Accountability. I can’t think of anything more important in a business or in our personal relationships.



Random Thought #27 – Respect Everyone / We’re Not Born With Equal Abilities

A very important lesson that I’ve learned is that we’re not really born equal. The country you’re born in, your religion, your color, etc., all affect you differently depending on what part of the world you live in.

Also, people are born with different talents; some people can sing, some people like me could clear the room if I sang a song. Some people can paint, others can’t. Some people are born smart and others aren’t.

The truth is we need everyone with their different talents. For example if everyone was born super smart, everyone would be a boss and there wouldn’t be any employees.

The world would be a much better place if we respected everyone for who they are. We need all the different talents that people have to have a successful world.

Random Thought #20 – The Journey To Happiness – Part 3

So far,  I was going to therapy and doing my own form of meditation, but I needed something else. I decided that I needed my own Mantra. It seems simple but it took me a long time to come up with the one that works for me, here goes.

When I wake up in the morning I tell myself it’s a great day, the only reason it’s great is because I woke up. Whether life is good or bad you can’t work it out if you don’t wake up.

I then tell myself if I want it to stay a great day I can’t have any expectations. This way if something nice happens I’m pleasantly surprised. If I had expectations I would be disappointed all day long.

The last thing I tell myself seems to work the best. Before I go to sleep I quickly review my day and ask myself is there anything I did today that’s going to make a difference hundreds of years from now. The answer is always no, so I figure because I’m not going to really do anything that means anything long term I should have another great and fun day tomorrow.

For me, it’s that simple.



Random Thought #10 – Management Interviews

Whenever I have to interview a manager for a job, I always start the interview by giving  them a situation to work out. For example, if the job was for my restaurant I might say “it’s a Friday night and the restaurant is packed beyond capacity,  all of a sudden you hear shouting from the kitchen and it’s so loud all the customers hear it too. You go into the kitchen and a cook and a server are screaming at each other and it includes obscenities,  what do you do?”

I do this at least twice in an interview. There are many right answers, but not just one correct one. I do it so I can see how they think and if I feel that they’ll stay cool under pressure.

If I’m happy with the outcome, then I start the interview.


I’m in my 70’s and like anyone else my age, I’ve had lots of great experiences. Of course there’s been lots of terrible experiences also. Along the way, like every one else my philosophy of life was created. I’m using this blog to share this philosophy with others. Many of you will like what I have to say and maybe even get some new thoughts out of it. Also, many of you won’t like what you hear and won’t pay much attention to me. This is the beginning. You’ll hear from me again next week.