Monthly Archives: February 2016

Random Thought #32 / If You Have a Dream Just Start It

It seems like when you’re young, every time you have an idea, whether good or bad, everyone around you let’s you know how bad it is and it’s because of this that very few people end up doing what they want to do. These people that kill your dreams always say they’re trying to help you by pointing out all the potential problems you’re going to run into.

I realize that I’ve been very lucky in my life even though I’ve made monumental mistakes; I’ve always followed my dreams. Many times they were gigantic failures but sometimes they worked out great. When I would come up with a new idea, I usually would start it almost immediately, I never thought of repercussions. I’m not saying this is smart and it might even be stupid, but it’s worked for me.

Now that I’m in my 70’s I realize that life isn’t that long. I feel sorry for people that say I should have done this or I should have done thatĀ  over and over again. I truly believe that in order to have a chance at happiness you have to do what you want to do and not pay attention to the naysayers. Don’t waste time, there isn’t that much of it.


Random Thought #31 – Look Through Other People’s Eyes

Yesterday I had a meeting with two of my managers and six employees. They were having trouble with each other for a long time and it had to end. I knew that the problem was communicating with each other but I couldn’t seem to solve it. So we wasted about an hour getting nowhere and then the answer to the whole problem was given to me by one of the employees. One of the managers said “I’m having a problem because I’m not included in certain decisions that I should be included in.” One of the employees said “I’ve been working here for 14 years, don’t you think I know what I’m doing, you make me feel like an idiot when you want to know every little thingĀ  that’s going on.” A light went off in my head; sometimes you have to look at things through other people’s eyes. I told the manager “you should be thrilled that you have people that know what they’re doing, when you look over there shoulder for every little thing, you make them feel like idiots. Spend your time working with people that still need to learn.”

The lesson is easy, if you think about what the other person is thinking before you start talking, a lot of problems go away.