Monthly Archives: April 2016


Many people that are inexperienced waste so much time researching their competition, that they forget they’re in business to make sales for themselves.

I have learned over the years that there’s enough business for everyone. You should focus on finding customers that want to buy from you, and while you’re looking for new business, remember to retain the customers you already have.

It amazes me how large companies and even some small ones advertise and do anything they can to bring in business yet give no service when the business shows up. Department stores are good examples, I don’t know how many times I’ve left wanting to buy something but not being able to find somebody that would help me.

There are many ways to reach a goal, you have to find out what’s comfortable for you and run with it. Forget about everyone else. If you work hard and please your customers with good products and good service you’ll always get your share of business.

Random Thought # 36 – Black, White and Grey

When most of us are young, knowing what’s right and wrong is very easy because we always think we’re right and everyone else doesn’t understand. Everything is simply Black and White. As we grow older some of us learn that everything is not Black or White. There’s a lot of Grey.

We begin to change our mind about many things that we believed when we were younger. If we’re lucky, we actually listen to the other person’s point of view and change our mind when necessary.

This came to mind today because I was upset with a vendor because of a major mistake and I wanted him to do a lot for me because of it. Luckily he reminded me that he’s human and over our long relationship we’ve both done each other many favors and I should back off a little and he’s absolutely right.

There are many ways to look at every situation. When we look at the world through other peoples eyes we keep learning and realize that almost everything is grey.