Monthly Archives: June 2016

Random Thought #41 – Be Totally Committed

One of the most popular reasons that businesses fail is because of the lack of commitment to the goals of the company. When the boss is not totally committed,  how can you expect the employees to be.

When you’ve decided to do something, there should be no plan B. If, of course your plan doesn’t work out, that’s the time to develop your plan B. In other words if you’re not absolutely 150% committed to your plan, it has little chance for success.

Quit wasting time, find something to be committed to and don’t give up until you achieve it. If by some chance it doesn’t work out, go to plan B and be just as committed to that.

Leaders never give up. When they fail, they don’t feel sorry for themselves, they observe what happened and make adjustments. If you never give up, the chances of success are close to 100%.

Random Thought #40 – Talk and listen to your employees

When I was young I thought it was pretty good that I knew everything. I didn’t have to get any information from anyone, I knew it all.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth. After many years I realized that the most successful bosses asked their employees questions and actually listened to the answers. The employees that work in the trenches every day and deal with the customers usually have lots of ideas, a lot of them aren’t that good but there are always some gems.

Many times you can take one of those ideas and improve upon to make it great. If you never ask questions, and listen to the answers, that can never happen. Talk to your employees, really make them the important part of your business that they are.