Monthly Archives: August 2016

Random Thoughts #46 – Leaders Qualities – Part 1

1. Good Leaders are always part of the solution, never part of the problem.

2. Good Leaders never see problems, but obstacles that they have to overcome.

3. Good Leaders always persist and maintain a positive attitude.

4. Good Leaders are always determined .

5. Good Leaders don’t take no for an answer.

6. Good Leaders don’t care about being popular or tactful, they are focused on gettingĀ  things accomplished.

7. Good Leaders speak their mind.

8. Good Leaders do not procrastinate.

9. Good Leaders do not bury their head in the sand.

10. Good Leaders do not avoid issues, they take appropriate action.

This is a partial list, more will follow.


Random Thought #45 – Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience

Sometimes when a customer would tell me that the last meal that they got at my restaurant was great, I’d say don’t tell me that, the next time you come in you’ll probably expect it to be great again. The pressure is excruciating.

Every owner of every business thinks they have a great product, the truth is that some customers agree with them and some don’t. The idea is to please the customers you have with consistent service and products, that’s what keeps them coming back.

Nothing is worse than the customer having a different experience than what they expect when they patronize you; that’s the surest way to have a business fail.