Monthly Archives: September 2016

Random Thoughts #48 – Don’t Keep a Cancer

I remember when I was much younger, on many occasions I’ve had an employee¬† that had a lot of talent, but was also a pain to many of the other employees and to me. I used to think “how can I replace him, he’s so good at his job.” Over time I learned that you must get rid of employees like that; you will find a replacement. Also, if you have more then one employee like this, try to get rid of them at the same time, otherwise the new employees you hire will usually work like the cancers you still have.

It’s much better to have nice people that get along, they might have a little less talent, but life will sure be sweeter.

Random Thoughts #47 – Leaders Qualities – Part 2

  1. Good Leaders know when to ask for help.

2. Good Leaders think their way through situations.

3. Good Leaders help other people think their way through situations.

4. Good Leaders spend time every day in reflection, planning and self development.

5. Good Leaders believe change is constant and inevitable.

6. Good Leaders identify other potential leaders in the company and help them grow.

7. Good Leaders find answers in places others do not look.

8. Good Leaders back up their answers by taking action.

9. Good Leaders understand “Because I said so” doesn’t work.

10. Good Leaders understand that bad times eventually pass.

This list could go on and on. To sum it up Good Leaders become Great through action,  determination, resolve, compassion, passion and vision.