Monthly Archives: October 2016

Random Thoughts – #50 Downtime / You’ll Live Longer

One of the very hardest lessons that I ever learned is that our bodies and minds need downtime. I used to be a type A personality. I had to be involved in everything and I was the only one that knew how to do it.

My first heart attack was in 1985. I was 43 years old. My second was in 1989 when I was 47. My doctor told me that if I didn’t change, I should get my affairs in order because I wouldn’t be living much longer.

It took time, but I finally realized that other people could do things and I needed time off to regenerate my mind and body every now and then. Now when I go on vacation my employees know to call me only if there’s an emergency.

The definition of an emergency: if the business burns down, that’s not an emergency, the insurance company will be there when I get back. The only real emergency is if something happens to someone I love or to my dog.

Downtime must be taken when you need it or you’re not going to function properly and probably won’t live as long as you’re supposed to.

Random Thoughts – #49 The Customer Is Always Right – Not True

I was taught  that the customer is always right. After many years, I realize that it’s not always true, here are 3 examples:

  1.  If the customer has unrealistic expectations you will never be able to satisfy them and you would be better off letting them go somewhere else.
  2. If the customer doesn’t let you make a profit you’re obviously better off without them.
  3. If the customer abuses you and your employees, you don’t need them, there are a lot of nice people to deal with.

Remember, you’re in business to make a profit, not just to trade dollars. You also have to enjoy yourself, so you must make your place of business a happy environment. So, if a customer won’t let you make a profit or is abusive, just tell them to move on.