Monthly Archives: November 2016

Random Thought #52 – Choose Your Priorities / There’s Only 7 Days In A Week

Years ago when I was an absolutely crazy person and ended up having 2 heart attacks in 4 years, I was lucky enough to find a good therapist. I was only 43 and 47 when the heart attacks happened.

After explaining that in order to do everything I wanted to do, I would need about 25 days in a week, he said you better get used to the fact that 7 days is all you get, you have to get your priorities in order.

The smartest lesson I learned is that everything can’t be at the top of the list. In the beginning entrepreneurs never realize this, in fact, if they don’t learn this they must fail.

Remember that the one thing you can’t change is that 7 days a week is all you get.

Random Thoughts #51- Have The Right Person For The Job

Almost every entrepreneur starts their business without enough capitol, this leads to one of the largest reasons so many businesses fail, which is that you can’t afford to pay the right person for each job so you hire a warm body. That’s somebody that is just there but can’t perform like they’re supposed to.

It’s hard enough to make payroll and pay rent a lot of the time, it’s worse when your employees don’t have the abilities you need. When we don’t have enough cash, it’s really difficult to make good decisions, our time is spent on how to survive.

From a lot of experience I know that if you don’t have enough cash to pay for the proper employees, you have to do it yourself; If you don’t, the chance of survival is going to be slim.