Monthly Archives: December 2016

Random Thought #54 – Expectations From Your Employees

As entrepreneurs, we get in a lot of trouble when we don’t realize that no one cares about the success of our business as much as we do. We forget that the rest of the world doesn’t have our passion and determination for our business. Our business life and personal life, if we even have one, are intermingled.

The problem is our expectations are way too high for our employees, we forget that it’s our dream, not theirs. Many times we lose great employees because they don’t live and breathe our business every hour of every day.  When we don’t realize that that they don’t care as much as we do, we alienate them, and that includes the people that are doing a great job.

We have to realize that they’re supposed to have a personal life, we’re the ones that chose our path.

Random Thought #53 – It’s A Small World / Watch What You Say

When we’re young, one of our favorite things to do is gossip about everybody, we’re very seldom careful about what we say and we never think of repercussions.

As we grow older, much of our gossip comes back to haunt us. Many people find out what we said and it strains relationships. I can tell you from experience, that in business a lot of harm can be done because of gossip and complaining.

I’ve learned that it’s a very small world, you never know when you’re talking to someone, who they know or might be friends or relatives of.

The lesson is simple. Be defensive in what you say because you never know who’s going to hear it.