Monthly Archives: January 2017

Random Thought #56 – There Is Always A Way

No matter how many times you take a step backwards, there is always a way to move forward again. Many times things seem impossible; you don’t have enough money, resources, etc, the list goes on and on and on.

Successful entrepreneurs are creative, they can think their way through every situation. You have to ask for help when it’s necessary. You can’t avoid the issue, you mustĀ take action.

When things are really rough, I put myself in a situation where I can’t be bothered unless there’s a real emergency for a whole day. I know this is old school but I take out some paper and I write what I have to solve on the top of it, then I start writing down whatever comes to my mind. I do this for 2 or 3 hours, I never look at any thing I’ve written until I think I have nothing left to say.

I’ve found that when I read it back there’s a lot of pretty bad ideas, but there’s always some thoughts that could be solutions. I then spend the rest of the day going over those thoughts and refining them until I decide my next move.

If you allow your self to get frozen and not do anything you will fail. That’s not what entrepreneurs are about.

Random Thought #55 – Help Your Employees Achieve Their Goals

Last time I talked about your expectations from your employees. The conclusion is the business is your dream, not theirs, but there is a way to make them want to help you to achieve your dream.

One of the fears of entrepreneurs when they first start out is losingĀ  good employees. It took me many years to learn that everybody is replaceable, even us eventually.

One of the most important and satisfying things I’ve learned about employees is that if you help them reach their goals, even if it means they’re going to leave you, they will work much harder to help you reach your goals while they’re with you. It is the best way I’ve learned to get the full potential from my key employees.

With this plan, both you and your employees get what they need. What could be better?