Monthly Archives: April 2017

Random Thought #63 – Leading With Integrity

Leading with integrity means doing what you say you will do. The worst thing you can do is make commitments and then not follow through with them. It’s important that your commitments have a realistic time frame, every now and then there’s an emergency and a commitment can’t be kept. It should then be explained to everyone why the commitment wasn’t kept.

Many leaders believe their job is to get people to do what they want no matter what the means, this includes a lot of maneuvering and dishonesty and in my experience, will eventually be revealed.

The rule is simple, you must act with integrity to build and keep your employees’ trust.



Random Thought #62 – Respect

When you have more than a few employees, it’s impossible for everyone to like each other. It’s very important that you teach your employees that they have to respect each other. In today’s world, a large part of each person’s time is spent on the job, the needless bickering and gossip and backstabbing is such a waste of time.

People come from all types of different backgrounds and have many different types of personalities and it’s not possible to like everyone that you work with. You don’t have to become friends, but everyone deserves respect, it makes all those hours you work much more enjoyable.

Random Thought #61 – Set The Standard For Decision Making

Your employees, vendors, customers and investors all have different interests and it’s not uncommon for all of these interests to be in conflict. So what do you do when everyone wants something different from you?

Set this simple standard for decision making and make it clear. The only criteria for making decisions is what is in the best interest of the business.

This is how successful business people can make fast, decisive decisions under pressure. By establishing this principle you set the standard for decision making that everyone understands.