Monthly Archives: May 2017

Random Thought #65 – Perseverance

One of the major requirements of success is perseverance. You have to be able to focus on your goals, dare to try things that are new and be willing to fail without giving up.

I think the major secret of success is handling adversity, which seems to be an everyday occurrence. Losers often see adversity as devastation. Winners see it as a way to learn and improve.

The lesson here is that you can’t be a winner unless you handle adversity with perseverance. Throughout history our greatest leaders are those who persevered when others would have given up.

Random Thought #64 – Stress / We Must Keep It To A Minimum

Everyone has stress in their lives. Entrepreneurs have much more stressĀ than normal. We believe we have to do everything ourselves. We don’t know what a weekend or holiday is, we don’t take a day off or get a good nights sleep, and we feel very alone. These are just a few of the unnecessary things we do to ourselves that increases our stress.

After my second heart attack at the age of 47 my doctor told me that if I didn’t change 3 things in my life I wouldn’t live long. The first was losing weight and I succeeded at that, it just took me 30 years to do it. The second was working out, and I discovered I could watch people work out for 2 hours without taking a break, what endurance. The third was reducing stress, and I truly succeeded at that.

I failed miserably at Number 1 and 2, but I discovered if you limit your stress, you can live a much longer life. Making this work for you is much easier said than done. If I could only giveĀ one solution, it would be to figure out what’s really important in your life and never get stressed out over the little things. This usually eliminates at least 95% of the stress.