Monthly Archives: July 2017

Random Thought #68 – It’s The Experience That Counts

When we start out in business we want everything to be perfect, which is obviously not possible. It took me years to realize the customer is not looking for a perfect experience, they just want to be comfortable and have a consistent, good experience.

I started out in the restaurant business. I used to get upset when people sat too long after they were done eating when I could use the table for customers that were waiting for the next available table. It took me a long time to realize that people go out to eat for more reasons then just to have a meal. They want to be acknowledged, relax, visit, talk business and get away from their daily problems for a while. If all they wanted to do is eat, they could stay home, microwave a dinner and save a lot of money.

This is also true in all other businesses. All the customer really wants is comfort, acknowledgement and a pleasant experience.