Random Thought #12 – Definition of Management in One Sentence

If I was forced into defining management in one sentence it would be “TakingĀ  Care of Situations.” A manager needs many skills, but the most important is taking care of the unknown.

When I trained restaurant managers I used to tell them to expect everything to go wrong that could go wrong. When you start your morning, expect to have a bus boy in jail, a server whose car broke down while she’s in Palm Springs and the air-conditioning isn’t working. If you can’t stay calm under these conditions, you’ll never make a good manager.

If everything was perfect, the vendors would all deliver the best quality of food to me. The weights and trim would always be great. The food would be prepared perfectly and the customers would be thrilled. Once a week I would get a knock on my door and one of my managers would say to me, “everything went great all week, we paid all your bills and here’s your profit for the week.” Since this is never going to happen, that’s why we need you. If not, I could hire all minimum wage employees.

The truth is if you come to work and there aren’t any problems you should create some; That’s job security.



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